2022 Field Waiver

Nest of Vipers Airsoft LLC. Waiver

The N.O.V.A team, nor the owner of the property Annie Slade, are not to be held responsible for any INJURIES, ILLNESSES, AND LOST/STOLEN ITEMS. Airsoft is by nature “Play At Your Own Risk”, therefore any and all potential lawsuits will be disregarded in reference to the landowner’s pre-existing insurance policy. Failure to comply with Nest of Vipers Admins, Referees, or field rules will result in ejection from play with no refund of payment offered. Rules are subject to change and any changes will be clearly given/stated at briefing before the game.

FIRST AND FOREMOST: Appropriate Social Distancing and face coverings will be required until such a time as the CDC guidelines are changed. We understand face coverings will increase overexertion and procedures will be explained in briefing on prevention strategies. 

Field rules are as follows:


If you DO NOT have full seal goggles you CANNOT PLAY. 

OUTDOOR/OPEN FIELD ENGAGEMENT LIMITS(Signified by colored markings: zip ties or tape)

• 1.0 – 350 fps (0.01j – 1.07j) – Arms length engagement limit (Black marking)

• 350.1 – 410 fps (1.08 – 1.49j) – 20 foot engagement limit (Blue marking)

• 410 – 500 fps (1.50j – 2.32j) – 50 foot engagement limit, bolt action or permanent* semi-auto replicas only (Yellow marking)

• 500 – 549.9 fps (2.33j – 2.69j) – Bolt action only (Red marking)

• 550 + fps (2.7j+) – Prohibited.

All players are subject to a random on-field chronograph to prevent on-field tampering. Any player found to be tampering after chrono to increase their FPS/Joules will be ejected from the field without refund as a safety violator, no questions. 

Permanent semi-auto means that only 1 BB is shot per trigger pull. 

Weapons: All weapon platforms will be allowed, all weapons are confined to semi-automatic only with the exception of designated belt fed weapons. All weapons are restricted to mid-caps or carrying only one high cap that is not in excess of 500 rounds, with exception of the full auto belt fed weapons.

For clarification, a belt fed weapon platform is any weapon platform that would be comparable to its real steel counterpart in that it would require linked ammunition to fire, an exception is given for the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) and similar weapons that can be fired with standard magazines. 

*If you do not see a weapon type that you intend on bringing, and want clarification, please message us with the specific name of the weapon system, and we will pass a ruling within a timely manner. None of the above-approved weapons may be modified from the original way they are replicated. This is in effect so players don’t show up with a short-barreled weapon that is more compact than an MP7.

Radios: Channel 1 is reserved for admins/refs only, please stay off this net unless you encounter a real-world emergency. 

Strike system for all players:

If a player is seen:

-Not calling their hits

-Disagreeing/arguing with admins

-Disrupting the flow of gameplay from its original state of common play

-Cursing/using foul language towards other players

-Smoking/vaping in the registration area (garage)

-Destroying N.O.V.A. property

-Climbing trees or structures without ladders ramps or stairs already present

-Giving out mission-critical information after being hit

–Unintentional discharge (1 strike) OR Intentional discharge (2 strikes) in staging area

-Drinking alcohol on property or brandishing open containers of alcohol 

They will receive a strike, If two more infractions are made, to result in three strikes, the player will either be ejected from the game for a period of time, or for the rest of the day. Whatever consequence a player receives they will not be eligible for a refund. We as the game admins will let a player know when he/she has received a strike and why that player has been given a strike. NEST OF VIPERS AIRSOFT DOES NOT TOLERATE CHEATING OR IMMATURE BEHAVIOR. 

Safety kills: We will not allow the use of the common “bang bang” kill. If you are close enough to a player where you can’t use a pistol or a weapon with the lowest MED, then you may either use a melee weapon or tap the player with your hand and inform them that they are out with the phrase “Knife kill”, “Melee kill”, or “Nerf kill”. 

Age limits:

Minimum allowed age is 14. Anyone under the age of 18 MUST have their waiver co-signed by a parent or guardian. Also, anyone under the age of 18 must have full face protection. Meaning a full paintball-style mask with FULL SEAL ANSI RATED LENSES. If you are unsure about your specific mask, please contact us on Facebook. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE. If you do not have full face protection under the required age, we will have some full face masks available for rent via an RSVP request on Facebook.

-”The Pit” airsoft crew.

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