How do I sign up/register for a game?

Check our event calendar, find an event you wish to attend, and send us a message using the contact section with names of each player, preferred team, and if you’d like to reserve any items in our pro shop. You must also visit our waiver section and read then agree to the terms laid out there.

What is the age limit?

Our age limit is 14 years old. Also, any players under 18 need a co-signer on their waiver and anyone under 18 must have full face protection (cloth does not count, must be hard face protection).

What replicas can I use?

The only replicas allowed are those that fire 6mm or 8mm plastic bbs at the proper Joule levels in the waiver.

What BB’s are allowed?

We allow any plastic airsoft bbs ranging from .12g to .69g. BBs do NOT have to be biodegradable but it is nice to think of the environment in your airsoft experiences.

RENTAL EQUIPMENT: If you are using a replica that you rented from us, any bbs or batteries you put in it MUST be approved by an admin.

What eye protection do I need to have?

All players must have ANSI rated 87.1+ FULL SEAL goggles/glasses/masks. We do have several masks available to rent if you do not have your own or show up to the field ill-equipped.

How can I pay for events? What does it cost to play?

You can send payments through PayPal to nestofvipersairsoft@gmail.com, be sure to attach a note with your name, call-sign, and date you are planning to play on. We also accept cash, credit, and debit on site. Standard recreational games cost $20. Larger/different events will be priced more case by case.

Can I rent what I need to play?

You can reserve a rental package by pre-paying through PayPal (nestofviperairsoft@gmail.com). 
Our rental pricing options are as follows:

  • $40 Full rental package: Field entry, replica, 1000 bbs, and a full face mask.
  • $30 Replica package: Replica, 1000 bbs.
  • $5 Facemask.

Can I reserve the field for a large group?

You can bring your group of friends out to play, but we currently do not allow large groups to reserve the field regularly. We may be changing this next season as we become increasingly more equipped to handle large groups.

Where can I find specific event information?

All event information can be found on our EVENTS page.